• Birch And Forest - By Rachel Jeffrey

Birch And Forest - By Rachel Jeffrey

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Mixed techniques on board. 115 x 155 cm.

Inspired by travels through New Zealand and dense forestation.

I enjoyed the stark contrast of the graphic black and white Birch Trees which frame the dense green forest behind.

My earliest memories are of a fascination in pattern and colour harmonies on wallpaper, and this has evolved into a passion for creating my own paintings. Making paintings allows me to indulge in the process of aesthetics.

The Cornish coastline offers so much inspiration. I will never tire of watching waves breaking.

It seems almost rude not to want to capture some of the energies and forms contained in the roll of a wave.

I have a large garden in the grounds of a horticultural nursery. The shapes of leaves, the nature of growth and the evolving environment offer endless inspiration. I absorb this natural information to feed my creative flow.

I am primarily an abstract artist responding to my environment, the natural world and my travels.

Inspired by the earths elements my work is focussed on colour, texture, pattern and the process of experimenting with a variety of media.

Personally I am drawn to paintings that I don't understand, as soon as I see something I can understand I want to move on in search for something more.

  • Length:  115cm
  • Depth:  2cm
  • Height:  155cm
  • Material:  Mixed Technique on board
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Material Mixed Technique on board

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